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                               By Trent J. Keenan, PLS

        Business Edition!

        2022, here we go… So, strap in and hold on tight! The masks are off, and we are meeting live in person this year for our annual
        conference. It has been a long three years since we last met in Reno back in 2019.

        Although I am still tracking current licensees and workforce numbers every quarter, I will not fill your heads with depressing data and
        numbers in this edition. So instead, I would like to bring you up to speed on a few things happening nationally and provide some great
        business-related articles!

        On the national level, you have all probably heard by now (if you get your weekly News & Views emails from NSPS). Tim Burch was
        selected to replace Curt Sumner as the NSPS Executive Director. There was little interest in the position and only two candidates were
        interviewed. Tim succeeded Mr. Sumner on January 3, 2022. Initially, Tim was going to retain his role as an NSPS Officer (President-
        Elect, to succeed to President in the Spring) while simultaneously serving as the Executive Director. However, earlier this month, Tim
        resigned from the President-Elect position so that he can focus solely on his role as Executive Director. The NSPS bylaws outline
        the succession when a vacancy occurs and, in this case, the current officers will move up one position. This means next year’s NSPS
        President will be Amanda Allred, who currently resides in Washington State and is licensed in six western states. Congratulations,
        Amanda! Curt Sumner represented the land surveying profession and served NSPS faithfully for 23 years. Mr. Burch has enormous
        shoes to fill, but if we all do our part, we can help NSPS succeed. A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is
        done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. —Lao Tzu

        As NSPS transitions, new ideas are coming forward. In this edition you will find a couple of letters regarding proposed NSPS bylaw
        changes. One letter was written by undoubtedly one of the most passionate NSPS members there ever “was,” our very own Carl
        C.deBaca. In the last edition of The Nevada Traverse, NSPS Director Nancy Almanzan reported there was discussion regarding removing
        the voting rights for us paying NSPS members. This has struck a nerve with Carl to the point that he will no longer be a member of
        NSPS, and he has mailed his Fellowship pin back. Unfortunately, at the time of printing this edition, it has been six plus weeks since Carl
        sent his letter to the current NSPS leadership, and he has only received response from one person. While transitions are sometimes
        difficult and time consuming, I sincerely hope the lack of response to a concern of this magnitude is not going to be the new norm.

        I will say I find this very ironic that we are approaching the 10  anniversary (May 5, 2012) of the NSPS/ACSM merger. A merger that
        occurred mainly because NSPS was concerned regarding their lack of representation (NSPS accounted for 90% of ACSM membership
        and only received 25% of voting power). Fast forward ten years, the current NSPS leadership is working to remove the very rights we
        fought for and created! NALS Leadership stands with Carl and his concerns, and you will see in this edition a letter that was written by
        the current NALS Board of Directors urging the NSPS Board of Directors to OPPOSE these changes. The NALS Board of Directors hope
        that other associations will take a similar stand. Nevada has always had a significant presence within NSPS. Rita Lumos serving as
        President of NSPS, Brett Jefferson and his passionate leadership helped to establish the NSPS Foundation, Paul Burn & Carl C.deBaca
        both serving as long-time Directors and Committee Chair’s, Jerry Juarez as Trig-Star Chairman (forever) and now with Nancy Almanzan
        serving as NSPS Director. NALS has made a significant impact within NSPS. We need to continue to have one voice, and that is the
        voice of all 13,676 NSPS members, not just the voice of 50 Directors. “The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on
        leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and
        continually develops them.” -John Maxwell

        This edition is not all about NSPS, we also have some great business articles! One thing for sure, we are all extremely busy! From a
        business standpoint, we need to remember that we have an industry to serve, and timely communication is key. It is not uncommon
        to hear those requests from the public are going unanswered. Often times if a surveyor is unable to respond to a client/contractor
        request in a timely manner, they will move on to the next surveyor.  The land surveying profession is a small community, let us all do our
        part to lift one another and strengthen the industry. Hopefully, the business articles within this edition will provide helpful advice and

        Well enough of that talk, let’s look at what else is in store for this edition.
        After last year’s Christmas shopping adventures, we have another fun little piece by Carl. What will it take   CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE u

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