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The Editor’s Corner... continued from previous page
        to get our profession out in front of the masses? As Carl points
        out, there are games for just about every profession except land               The
        surveying. So, give this article some thought and let me know if
        you have any ideas that we can explore?                                        President’s

        I hope we have a new series of articles moving forward that Mr.                Message
        Detwiler is calling the “Digital Mapper.” Michael digs in about the
        emerging technology and its relation to NAC 625.666 – Positional
                                                                 By Robert Carrington, PLS , NALS President
        I also have four different business-related articles based on the                    It is my privilege to serve as
        abstracts of a few Podcasts. I hope you enjoy these! There is                        the 2022 NALS President.
        some great stuff in these articles.                                                  We have an exciting year
                                                                                             planned and are elated to be
        Lastly, there is a NALS Remembers section for Dale Wittie, a                         able to meet in person for
        lifelong surveyor and brother to our current Southern Chapter                        the Board Meetings, Chapter
        President Frank Wittie. The Wittie family has been a big part of                     Meetings and Chapter Events
        the Las Vegas valley for decades, and we are saddened to hear                        The 2022 Conference, titled
        the loss of anyone but especially for the Wittie family.                             “MAPPING THE PATH FOR
                                                                                             THE NEXT GENERATION”, is
                                                                                             being held at the Luxor Hotel
        As always, please send in your comments or articles so that what                     is Las Vegas, March 30 to
        we print is what you want to read! Articles for the next edition   April 2, and is billed as the Western Regional Survey Conference.
        are due on May 1 please. Every man owes a part of his time and   This joint conference is sponsored by the Professional Surveyors
        money to the business or industry in which he is engaged. No man   Associations of Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and the Western
        has the moral right to withhold his support from an organization   Federation of Professional Surveyors. The Nevada Governor has
        that is striving to improve the conditions within his sphere! –   lifted the mask mandate for Clark County, please signup as soon
                                                                as possible. The conference is offering 22 hours of education with
        Theodore Roosevelt                                      more than 25 different speakers.

        About the Cover...                                      We held our NALS Executive Board meeting in Reno on January
                                                                21 , and the following is a list of the 2022 NALS Committee’s
                                                                and their respective Chairs:  Advanced Education, Trent Keenan.
                                                                Board of Registration Liaison, Greg Phillips. Communications/
                                                                Publications, Trent Keenan. Constitution and Bylaws, Nancy
                                                                Almanzan. Continuing Education/Conference, Nancy Almanzan.
                                                                Membership, Justin Moore. Nominating Committee, Justin Moore.
                                                                NSPS Director, Nancy Almanzan. Legislation, Robert Carrington.
                                                                Professional Practices/Ethics, Paul Burn. Outreach, Trent Keenan.
                                                                WFPS Delegate, Gregory Phillips/Trent Keenan. Past President’s
                                                                Advisory Council, Justin Moore. As you can see from the committee
                                                                list, Nancy and Trent have taken on bulk of work our organization.
                                                                When you think of volunteerism, those two are what we should all
                                                                strive for.
                                                                The Nevada Association of Land Surveyor’s is a professional
                                                                organization made up of individuals who purpose is to promote
                                                                and maintain the highest possible standards and professional
                                                                practices of land surveying provide for the common good and
                                                                welfare of the public. For all those individual’s that have come
                                                                before me to be elected as an officer and or serve on a committee
                                                                at both at the state and chapter level, they are the epitome of
                                                                Volunteers. We as Professional Land Surveyor’s, whether you are
                                                                a member of NALS or not, you must thank these Men and Women
                                                                who have given their time and effort to bring awareness and trust
                                                                in the Land Surveying Profession. If you are reading this, my hope
           A composite image of different photos taken from articles throughout   is that you find the time to volunteer on a committee, attend the
                      this edition of The Nevada Traverse.      conference or a monthly chapter meeting or donate financially
                  Photo credit: Jeremy Long (Full Metal Worldwide)  when asked to in support of the organization. For a schedule of
                  Do you have a cover shot you would like to submit?   events for 2022, please visit the NALS website at

        4 The Nevada Traverse Vol.49, No.1, 2022
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